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    SHENZHEN YILAIKE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a professional High-Tech company combining R&D, manufacture, and distribution of lighting protection with weak current, industrial CCTV and civil CCTV products.

    2006- 2016 , We have developed more than 70 items products about lighting protection with weak current ,which are widely applied in petrochemical, security, IT, aviation, public security, communication, power, construction, education, aviation, army force, transportation, post and telecommunication, finance, insurance fields.

    2008-2011, with the continuous improvement of lighting protection and CCTV industry, we launched series of lighting protection cameras by combining military and industry technology, which have made great contribution to CCTV and lighting protection industry.


Safety- More than ten years development ,test and application experience to cast a safe solution

Speediness- To provide fast sale servvices are our aim

Trust- Many years successful cases laid our good quality trust in industry

Guarantee-Cooperate with international famous component suppliers, own professional test device and five years guarantee service.

Multifunction CCTV surge protection device

LEIK multifunction CCTV surge protection device is designed according to IEC lightning protection requirements and IP cameras’ application. It applies to CCTV cameras’ lightning protection. Those cameras use AC or DC power and have RJ45 terminal. It not only reduces the cost, installation difficulty and installation space, but also makes the most use of equipotential protection principle which greatly improves its preventive effect.

voltage switch modularity high energy lightning module

Our product adopts module design with good leakproofness, matches 35mm electric guide rail with easy installation, which owns low residual voltage, fast response speed, big discharge current capacity ,long life ,complete range and simple maintenance. We can provide customization service to customers if they need


lightning rod ahead of time

LK-Z3 series lightning rod ahead of time which use special design by adopting precursor discharge, impedance, current limiting and air-gap discharge technologies to generate precursor channel, improve receiving lightning effect ,reduce discharge voltage and change lightning discharge process.

It avoids “flank attack”and “shielding failure to reduce ground potential counterattack damages and is perfect device to prevent direct lightning.

About after sales

We will provide five years after services to our customers.

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