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Product Return Conditions

Product Return Conditions:
one, the changed product requirements with a complete packaging products, accessories, manuals, warranty, Shipping & Returns an explanation of why.

Second, customers purchase products in the normal use of quality problems arising in the process, such as quality assurance period to g directly with Iran after-sales service department.

Third, any one of the following clients can not enjoy the company’s return policy commitments:

1, the product was non-normal use;
2, incorrect installation;
3, force majeure due to damage;
4, the product of non-normal wear and tear;
5, Customer Returns without prior contact with our after-sales service department;
6, return the product packaging is incomplete or damaged packaging pollution;
7, returned products, accessories and attached information is incomplete;
8, beyond the warranty period;
9, the product not by Ilek original production;
10, the product on their own without my consent apart Secretary.

4, more than the quality of the product warranty period, the company will make every effort to help users solve the quality problems. The incremental costs borne by the customer.

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