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Lighting form and type

1. The formation of lightning

Lightning is the normal electric discharge phenomena of the atmosphere. It mostly forms in cumulonimbus cloud. As the change of temperature and airflow, cumulonimbus cloud is in constant motion. Friction-generated when cumulonimbus cloud is moving. Then clouds with charge are appearing. Some clouds with positive charge, some clouds with negative charge. Because of electrostatic induction, buildings, woods or other objects which under clouds are all with opposite charge. As the accumulation of charge, the voltage of clouds become higher and higher. When different charge clouds and higher objects on the ground close to a certain extent, discharge occurs and lightning appears at the same time.

Lightning types

Lightning has great destructive power. Its damage is comprehensive, including electrical property, thermal property and mechanical property. Based on its harmful characteristics, lightning can be divided into following 3 types:

1 Direct lightning

2 Spherical lightning

3 Indirect lightning

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